Octillions Group is a group of companies that has grown to become a leading player in the precious metals and precious stones value chain. We focus on productions, trading, custody, logistics and delivery of these valuable products anywhere in the world.

We are directly present with our branches in several countries in Africa, where we are involved directly and some times through local partnerships in Gold mining and in Gold trading, we also cooperate directly with buyers center in the production areas where there is the majority of the gold collection from small scale miners.

In every country we operate in, we are fully registered and we have the necessary facilities and permits for production, trading, import and export of precious metals & stone.

Once we import the Gold in Dubai through our UAE Octillions branch, we are able refine it up to 999.9% purity thanks to our standing collaboration with the major UAE Refineries. Our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in this field and we can guarantee seamless transactions.

Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the major Refineries in the UAE we can supply refined physical Gold and Silver bullion to interested Buyers, also we offer to our Clients the possibility to buy and sell refined precious metals such as Gold and Silver on Octillions Pool Metal Accounts.

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